Mercy International Centre


Since 1994, the House of Mercy founded by Catherine McAuley has been known as the Mercy International Centre (MIC). MIC – the place where it all began – has grown from being Mercy’s first home, to a place where the members of the congregation, friends and visitors are welcomed. It is the public flagship of Mercy’s global mission. It is a place of hospitality which welcomes all associated with Mercy and all who seek to learn and understand Mercy’s heritage and mission in the world.

Every year over 8,000 people visit MIC to participate in programs and retreats. Participants walk and pray in places associated with Catherine McAuley, including George’s Hill, where she prepared to be a Sister, and Coolock House, where she lived with and cared for the Callaghan’s – her adopted family for 25 years. The Centre also provides significant Leadership Training programs to form individuals in Catherine McAuley’s philosophy, as they execute professional roles they hold in education, health care, and social outreach.

Each year, the Centre hosts an international youth pilgrimage and school group visits from Australia, Central America, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States. The story of Mercy challenges young people to respond with compassion to the needs of people less fortunate.